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Semi-Exclusive Fair Style Lemonade Set 2 of 5

Semi-Exclusive Fair Style Lemonade Set 2 of 5

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  • One of the best perks of going to the fair is getting that Fair Style Lemonade. The kind that’s made right in front of you, with the fresh lemon muddled right in the cup. It’s then sweetened, mixed with ice and water, and shaken before being topped with a straw. The perfect summer drink. 
  • Ingredients List: fresh lemons, white granulated sugar, water, and ice. 
  • Items Needed: Plastic deli containers with lids, hole punch, muddler, and straws.
  • Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds once purchased. This is a semi-exclusive product, that will be sold to 5 people total.
  • Once purchased, you will immediately receive a download link through email, for your content. All rights belong to buyer upon purchase.
  • All rights belong to buyer upon successful payment. I may use 1-2 images for my portfolio.

This Set Includes:

  • 1 Shared Ingredient Shot (vertical)
  • 19 Shared Process Shots (vertical)
  • 13 Final Shots (11 vertical, 2 horizontal)
  • Shared Document with recipe, tips, pertinent product links, cook time, yield, etc.

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