How To Quickly Edit Your PLR Images

How To Quickly Edit Your PLR Images

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Hi everyone! I know it can be scary when first jumping into the world of PLR, especially when it comes to recipe PLR.

In this post, I have a step-by-step instructional video for one solution to changing up those images to be more unique.

I highly suggest getting or using Canva Pro. I am very familiar with Photoshop and can tell you that Canva Pro and are much more user-friendly and beginner friendly.

Let me be clear though, for this method, you can use the free version of Canva, which is why I went about it the way I did.

Please note that I do not have any affiliation with, they're just the program I'm most familiar with and find the easiest for removing backgrounds on images.

You can use Canva's background remover, or your own, if you are used to a different one. However, you will need Canva Pro for their background remover tool. Learn how to use Canva's background removal tool HERE!

Please note: At one point in the video, I pull up my documents and talk like you can see it. However, Windows did not show it in the video, so just pretend you can see it. :P

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HI, I am looking for the step by step video on how to quickly edit the background but, I don’t see it in this post or a link to the video. I’d love a link to it, I did see it on your website before it was updated. Sandy Hoopes


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