Do I own the rights to the content I buy?

Yes! All rights transfer to the buyer upon completed payment. I do not have to be credited or mentioned - it's all yours! However, I retain the right to use 1-2 photos, per listing, for my portfolio.

If you buy PLR, you'll share those rights with the other buyers, essentially.

Can I use the content I buy on more than one site?

It's common to run more than one website these days. However, you cannot buy a recipe and then use it on multiple websites, unless it's exclusive. For example, if you buy a limited PLR recipe and copy it on three sites, you're violating the shared rights of the others who bought sets. If you want to use the recipe on three sites, you have to buy three sets. This is the same for semi-exclusive.

After I make a purchase, how do I get my content?

Once your payment goes through, you will be sent an email, immediately, that contains a link for you to download your content or you can download it right at the completed purchase screen. Content is sent in the form of a zip folder. OR you can download it right from the successful payment screen, after your purchase is complete.

How Will My Purchase Appear in My Bank or On My Card Statement?

Your purchase will appear as a charge from Jay Graham, Shannon Graham, Just Eat It, Just Eat It Photography or possibly shopify.com, depending on how your bank or card company decides to display it. I have no control over how this appears.

I made a purchase, but I never received a download link, what do I do?

First, check your spam folder. If you don't see it there either, shoot us a quick message through our contact form, or contact us through our Facebook group and we will resend the email with your download link. Downloads should appear at the checkout screen as well, so be sure to look there also.

My Download Link Doesn't Work, Why?

Sometimes, technology just likes to be wonky. If you run into this issue, simply message or email us and we can get you all fixed up.

Do the watermarks shown in the samples remain on the photos after they're purchased?

Nope! You will receive unmarked photos for you to use as you please.

What is PLR? How do I use PLR?

PLR stands for "private label rights." PLR is basically the next step beyond semi-exclusive. It's sold at a much smaller price because an undetermined amount of people could possibly purchase it, if it's unlimited. If it's limited, the same recipe and photos will be sold to a specific amount of people. This amount will be stated in the listing.

It should act like a really good outline and be tweaked to have your own touch in order to make it different. PLR cannot be resold and it should never be copied and pasted onto your blog without adjustments. Beyond that, use it as you please! PLR is the most budget-friendly content option.

What is limited PLR?

Limited PLR has a specific number of people the recipe will be sold to. This amount will be stated in each listing.

It's a bit more expensive than unlimited PLR, but it's still super discounted in comparison with semi-exclusive and exclusive. You'll still need to edit it like you would any PLR in order to make it more unique.

What's the Difference Between Limited PLR and Semi-Exclusive?

Semi-exclusive means that only the process/ingredient photos and the recipe document are shared by the buyers, while each set has its own unique final photos. With PLR and Limited PLR, all the elements of a recipe are shared.

Even if a Limited PLR recipe is only selling 5 sets, you will notice they're still about half the cost as semi-exclusive (at least for our shop) because they don't have those unique final photos for each of those 5 sets.

How can I edit PLR images to be more unique?

You can crop, make basic edits, change the temperature, and add your logo as a couple of ways. You can also change out the background, which is much easier than it sounds. Canva is a great tool for this.

What does semi-exclusive mean?

This means there is more than one set being sold of the same recipe, but it's very limited. The process/ingredient photos and recipe document are shared, while the final photos are unique to each set. I never go over four sets when selling semi-exclusive, however, in general, semi-exclusive can have up to 6 sets. It will be noted in the listing how many sets I'm selling of the recipe. Semi-exclusive is more expensive than PLR, but cheaper than exclusive. It cannot be resold or duplicated.

What does exclusive mean?

This means that the recipe and photos are only being sold to one person, and one person only. Exclusive is more expensive than semi-exclusive and PLR, but you get to keep full rights to do with it as you please. You can resell it, post it to your site, etc.

Are Exclusive or Semi-Exclusive recipes ever repurposed and used as PLR?

No, neither exclusive or semi-exclusive recipes that have sold are ever used as PLR. The only time you'll see a recipe switched from exclusive or semi-exclusive to PLR is if ZERO sets of the semi-exclusive sold and if the exclusive didn't sell. If ANY sets of the semi-exclusive sell, we do not use the unsold sets as PLR.

How do I sign up for the email list to get notifications of new content?

Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on the website and you'll see a spot to enter your email and sign up. Easy peasy!

Is there a quicker way to know when recipes are added to the site?

You betcha! Join our Facebook group and get live updates about recipe plans and additions.

Are your photos high resolution?

Yes! All of our photos are high res.

What Camera Do You Use for Food Photography?

I shoot all my recipes with the Sony a7 II Mirrorless Camera.